Build your Story, your way, and share everywhere. Showcase your brand and business using Web technology to drive engagement and increase sales with custom, interactive Web Stories.
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Our Mission
Building tech for Creators, BRANDS, AND PUBLISHERS to own, monetize, and distribute directly to their audience, ACROSS social media, web, AND CHAT.
Why work with us ?
  • Your unique Story is the most powerful marketing tool you have. 1Bstories will help you tell your Story, your way, across platforms.
  • Your Story can combine video, images, audio and text with interactive custom call-to-actions that work everywhere.
  • Own your direct relationship with your true fans and audience with unparalleled analytics and insights.
How does it work ?
  • no new content needed!
    You already have a library of content across multiple platforms. We repurpose your existing assets from your website, YouTube , Instagram, Facebook, and other channels.
  • Fill out a Google Form
    Just enter the links to all your social channels and website plus a few other pieces of info in the Form.
  • Voila! Your story is live
    1Bstories’ AI will build your content into standalone interactive Stories, unshackled from platforms. These elegant, Web Stories capture your authentic voice, not quick posts churned out to satisfy an algorithm.
  • Share it with the world
    You can distribute your Story anywhere: in chat apps, newsletters, on the Open Web, and, of course, on social media platforms. You get custom analytics and unparalleled insights about your audience and their consumption habits.
  • Earn more revenue
    The Monetization opportunities are endless: more product sales, ads, sponsorships, affiliate links, lead generation– you decide. Finally, you, the Creator, are in control of your Story.
Our work
  • Peter Hollens
    American a cappella singer Peter Hollens showcases his debut CD club, generating sales to fans around the world.
  • Mandeep Rai
    Author Mandeep Rai shares her international bestselling book to readers and business leaders to drive cultural change.
  • EJ Philip
    Trainer and coach EJ Philip motivates new and prospective clients to become the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves.
The coolest storytellers you should know
  • Anuvrat Kottamasu Rao
    Founder & CEO
    Building teams in the way we draw constellations in the sky. Illuminating the magic amidst our blind spots.
    Salsa dancing and having a good laugh
  • Stacie Chan
    Traveling the world talking to fascinating people and companies in hopes of telling their Stories
    craft beer, local food, podcasts, CrossFit
  • Ravi Hamsa
    Infecting web using javascript, passionate about poems, coding and much more
    Independent telugu films and kingfisher
  • Jane le Hoang
    Founding member : Design and Product
    Waving her magic wands in actualising people’s dreams into reality - via providing design solutions across all platforms
    Cats, Felines and being catty herself.