The 1Bstories 10 Commandments

When I started 1Bstories, I was overwhelmed with the blank canvas and daunting to-do list in front of me. But the first thing I needed to establish was a culture where my team could grow and thrive. I wanted everyone to feel challenged, yet fulfilled. Plus, we’re building for Creators, brands, and publishers, so we have to have fun, right?

So I laid out the 10 Commandments of the 1Bstories culture. I knew as long as we followed these set of principles, our company would be a collaborative place to innovate and enjoy themselves:
  1. The Golden Rule: the simplest of rules, treat each other with respect and the way you’d like to be treated. E.g. If you don’t want to be pinged while you’re deep in the flow of coding, don’t ping your coworker ;)
  2. Failure is ok: as long as you learn from it. We are not perfect, nor will every idea be perfect. It’s how we stay agile and can pivot quickly if necessary.
  3. Empowerment: No idea is too big or small. The Creator space is ripe for opportunity. Go for it if you think it’s best for the business. You own a part of 1Bstories, so own up to whatever you need to be happiest and most productive.
  4. No micro-managing: We trust you to get your shit done. It’s your schedule, your timezone. And no meetings for the sake of meetings when a Slack will do.
  5. No bureaucracy: We’re a flat org with no hierarchy. You don’t need “permission” to get things done, just make sure to bring the team along!
  6. Over-communicate: We are a remote team, which is how we stay nimble, so we also need to over-communicate. This feedback is critical to quick iteration.
  7. Bring your whole self: we hired you for a reason: your uniqueness. You bring your talent and your Story, so always be yourself.
  8. Take care of yourself: This startup is a marathon, not a sprint. Prioritize your health and wellbeing to find a balance between life and work.
  9. Celebrate diversity: we’re a global team of 11(for now) from 6+ countries, and span 16 hours of timezones. This makes us a stronger team that provides different perspectives from Egypt to Romania to the US, India, Singapore and beyond!
  10. Have fun: Life is short, let’s have fun and build 1 Billion Stories for people!