By Vignesh Ramachandran
Experts: Colorado’s Elections System is the ‘Gold Standard’ Nationally.
According to the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Colorado.
Colorado News Collaborative
Colorado only uses paper ballots, which can either be mailed in, submitted at a drop box or filled out during in-person voting.
All counties automatically mail every active registered voter a ballot 22 days before Election Day.
Colorado has automatic voter registration through driver’s license offices, but voters can also register online, by mail or even in-person on Election Day.
Colorado’s voter registration database is inspected for accuracy. The state participates in interstate programs to catch duplicates across voter rolls.
Colorado voters can track their own ballot via BallotTrax, a system that alerts you via text or email of where your ballot is in the election process — from mailed out to counted.
Colorado has a bipartisan board that conducts a statewide audit after each election to ensure the integrity of the results.
Fraud is really rare. Since 2005, the conservative Heritage Foundation has documented only 16 cases of fraud in Colorado. That’s 16 cases out of millions of ballots cast.
Colorado begins mailing ballots to registered voters on Oct. 17. So check your mailbox or vote in person between Oct. 24 and Nov. 8, which is Election Day this year.
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