Best Hair Removal Creams in Pakistan for Silky Smooth Skin!
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Eveline Hair Depilatory Cream
Price: Rs.795
Eveline cosmetics depilatory cream for sensitive skin comes enriched with aloe vera and d-panthenol to provide a moisturizing finish.
Samsol Hair Removal Cream
Price: 60
Samsol hair removing lotion comes in two types – one for normal and oily skin and one for dry and sensitive skin.
Veet Hair Removal Cream
Price: 699
Veet is arguably one of the most popular hair removal creams in Pakistan. It comes in different varieties for dry, sensitive, and oily skin.
Nair Hair Removal Cream
Price: Rs. 609
If you're looking for a quicker way to apply hair removal products on your skin and are tired of using creams, the Nair hair removal spray is for you!
EU Hair Removal Lotion
Price: 200
Eu lotion is another painless, safe, and affordable hair removal solution for all skin types.
How to Use Hair Removal Creams
Always do a patch test
Remove and wash off
Apply product using spatula
Wait for about 3-6 mins
How to Choose the Best Cream
Determine what your skin type is
Figure out where you want to use your creams
Consider products with moisturizing ingredients
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